Therapeutic  Massage

I combine my training in the different massage techniques of Swedish Massage, Shiatsu (Japanese acupressure) and Tuina (chinese massage) to create a deep, thorough and individualised treatment.  This can range from a deep, relaxing full body massage to an intensive workout on a specific problem area, as required.

Tui Na (Chinese Massage)

This is chinese massage and involves the combination of acupressure (thumb and finger pressure on acupuncture trigger points) massage strokes and gentle manipulations.   Massage oils can be used to perform tuina but it is more usual to use a liniment or work directly on the skin or through clothes.

Tui Na is usually used in combination with acupuncture or moxabustion for the treatment of stiff and painful joints and muscles (for example frozen shoulder, back ache, sports injuries etc.)  However, it can be used on it’s own for adults and children who cannot tolerate needles.

A gentle form of Tui Na is highly beneficial in the treatment of M.E., chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.

Tui Na is particularly useful in the treatment of babies and children especially for conditions such a colic, diarrhoea, recurrent colds, coughs and insomnia.  I show patients the relevant strokes and points and encourage them to treat their own children with tuina in between sessions in order to accelerate and enhance treatment.