Evidence Suggests Women Can Grow New Eggs In Ovaries


The Guardian Saturday 8th October 2016 “Scientists have uncovered the first evidence that ovaries may be able to grow new eggs in adulthood.

If confirmed, the discovery would over-turn the accepted view that women are born with a fixed number of eggs and that the body has no capacity to increase this supply.

Until now this has been the main constraint on the female reproductive lifespan. The findings, if replicated, would raise the the prospect of new treatments to allow older women to conceive and for infertility problems in younger women.”

Could this be where natural treatments like acupuncture, herbal medicine, reflexology, carefully chosen diet and supplements could help? Have we got it all wrong that once your eggs are used up that is it or that if your egg quality is poor you have no chance. Books such as “ It starts with the egg: How the science of egg quality can help you get pregnant and prevent miscarriage” by Rebecca Fett may really be true and egg quality and number could be improved and increased naturally. Hopefully there will be more research soon and more answers for all those desperate couples wanting to have children. Read the article, read the book and see what you think.